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Aside from the work of preparing press releases and other media materials, professional firms have a host of other writing tasks: maintaining websites, authoring pieces for professional journals, creating new marketing messages. MCB Communications has the editorial expertise to assist in all those functions. What’s more, we have the knowledge specific to your industry — from accounting rules to intellectual property law to medical privacy — to work with professional services firms in a speedy, efficient manner. Some of the specific tasks we can manage include: ghostwriting, biography writing, and practice area descriptons.

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Reputation comes not only from skill and accomplishment in the professional world, but also from published comment on issues of the day in your field. MCB can provide all the ghostwriting services a professional needs: interviews to shape the tone and content of an article; writing to carve initial ideas into final drafts; and editing to polish a draft into copy that is crisp, sharp and ready for distribution to the media.

Biography Writing

The adage in the legal world is, “Hire the lawyer, not the law firm.” That rule applies to all professional services, legal or otherwise, so compiling current and concise biographies of your staff is critical. Biographies catalog the expertise of your firm; they are a display case of your firm’s talent to potential clients, media and others. MCB has the specific expertise to interview your new hires, find the valuable facts, and write compelling biographies. We can also work on an ongoing basis with a client to monitor personnel developments and keep biographies of all staff, new and old, up-to-date.

Practice Area Descriptions

One of the first questions any would-be client will ask of a professional firm is, “Does this firm do what I’m looking for?” Providing a well-written description of your firm’s practice areas is vital to answer that question. MCB can talk with practice chairs to get a sense of the scope of operations, then craft a succinct yet thorough description of the practice so clients will immediately know that your firm is a good fit for their needs.


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