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MCB works closely with clients to help them achieve greater success in business development.

Firms that move ahead of the competition make business development a priority. This is an exciting opportunity. It is also a challenge. Our team of professionals is committed to helping your firm meet that challenge and achieve your marketing objectives. Because our marketing professionals include lawyers, journalists and public relations specialists, we are able to offer a unique combination of skills and expertise to our clients.

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MCB Communications offers professional service firms a variety of programs, including:

Flexible Programs

We work with each client to design a program that reflects the firm's business development priorities and marketing budget. A firm may start with individual skills training for one or two professionals then decide to move forward with a more comprehensive firm-wide marketing program. Whether we are working with the firm, specific practice groups, or individual professionals, our objective is to develop realistic strategies. We are always mindful of a client's unique culture and work to create a marketing environment that fits.

Measuring Success

After hiring MCB, how will your firm measure the return on of its investment?

Success at business development does not happen overnight. So we measure our success by one standard: whether your firm has become a more serious and effective competitor.

To be a serious and effective competitor, your firm must identify potential opportunities for business development and the right target audiences. Your firm must develop a strategic marketing program and stay focused on your goals. Your firm must take steps to differentiate itself from the competition. Your firm must communicate its message effectively to clients and prospects.

The marketplace will continue to evolve.And your clients' expectations will continue to change. Working with MCB, you will remain an active and focused participant in this process.

The Virtual Marketing Department

Not every professional firm requires an in-house marketing staff. But any serious commitment to marketing requires an organized and on-going effort at business development. MCB becomes your "virtual" marketing department. We work with you to develop your firm's marketing priorities as well as strategies for specific practice groups. We coordinate marketing meetings, help to develop and implement marketing activities, client communication programs, and other on-going initiatives as appropriate.

Skills Training for Professionals

Some of your best professionals may be uncomfortable with marketing. They may not have taken advantage of their skills or the contacts they do have to reach their full business development potential. We work with these professionals on an individual basis so they begin to think differently about clients and business development. We help them to create an individual business development plan and support their efforts at implementing the plan.

Analysis of Existing Marketing Programs

Is your existing marketing program producing the results you want? Does your firm even have a marketing plan or strategy? Are your practice groups competing effectively? Are your marketing resources being used wisely? MCB brings an objective and experienced perspective to analyze your current approach to marketing. We provide recommendations for change and work closely with your organization to develop a new strategic approach.

Client Satisfaction Programs

Client satisfaction is the key to repeat business, client retention, and increased referrals. We provide small group workshops and lectures so that all your professionals - senior partners or managers as well as junior associates - understand the importance of client satisfaction and how to manage client expectations. We work with you to design and implement client satisfaction programs to distinguish your firm from the competition. We conduct client satisfaction interviews of key clients to gather information critical to maintaining and enhancing these important relationships.

Client Communication Programs

How well your firm communicates with both existing and prospective clients is critical to your marketing success. We assist firms in developing an effective client communication program. There are numerous elements to an effective program, including keeping your clients informed about developments that may have an impact on their business or personal goals. It is also important for individual professionals as well as the firm to build a portfolio of marketing materials which may include published by-lined articles.


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