For nearly 20 years, MCB Communications has worked to build an extensive network of contacts in both the general and trade press. We're proud of the reputation we've earned with editors and reporters at leading publications on both the national and local level.

With those contacts and our deep understanding of the issues facing a professional firm, we can deliver tangible results in a host of areas:

areas of EXPERTISE


Media Placement

We work with clients to promote the news about themselves and their business-- everything from pulling together a televised press conference on short notice to discuss a legal victory, to writing an opinion piece in national newspapers about tax policy, to introducing the firm and its partners to the media.

Editorial Work

MCB can provide comprehensive editorial work for a client, such as composing a press release or preparing a media kit. Yet we also have deep experience with the many other writing tasks a professional firm must tackle: updating website content, authoring pieces for industry journals, writing employee biographies. MCB has the knowledge specific to your industry -- from accounting rules to intellectual property law to medical privacy-- to deliver in a speedy, efficient manner. For a more comprehensive discussion of the editorial services we can offer a professional services firm.

Reputation Building

Equally important to publicizing your news is establishing a reputation as an expert in your field. MCB helps clients find opportunities to write articles, speak at conferences, and otherwise build a "buzz" around their name so that the media thinks of our clients when they look for expert commentators.

Honing the Story

Many firms have fascinating tales to tell-- but don't know how to tell those stories to the media in a clear, compelling way. MCB will talk with a firm's partners and staff to see what the truly newsworthy tales are, and find the best way to package those stories for the media.

Marketing Consulting

Not all communication is done via press release. Just as valuable are the marketing strategies and materials used to improve a firm's public image and competitive position. MCB advises clients about the types of marketing efforts that will work best for a firm, and then follow up with the logistical support to execute those plans.


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