Good contacts and great stories

That is the heart of public relations and Marcia Brier does it well every day. She uses her keen news sense to help clients craft their stories and then uses her well-developed network of news sources to make sure those stories get maximum exposure. Marcia is creative – always looking for a new and unique approach that can truly differentiate. She is tenacious on behalf of her clients, and uses all her resources to deliver maximum results.
Mara G. Aspinall, President, Genzyme Genetics

When I consider this question,

I ask myself as a client of PR specialists what makes one in the "top 10," and I quickly respond…makes my job easier, understands our firm (company), knows the media and what they need, and finally enjoys her career. Comparing those attributes to Marcia Brier is simple—she exceeds at all of these and, of course, secures significant media placements for our firm.
I have worked with Marcia now for nearly five years and she is a pure delight and pleasure to work with on a daily basis. This, in my opinion, is key to a successful PR specialist because ongoing dialogue between the specialist and the client only increases the success of PR. This personality has also undoubtedly helped her develop the relationships she has with the media, which of course is another key factor.
She understands McDermott Will & Emery, she understands our lawyers, and what we want in terms of PR and how to get it. Marcia has secured significant confidence in a number of top lawyers, as well as management. They count on her because time and time again she succeeds. Our lawyers and I turn to Marcia as a result of our confidence in her, and knowing that she understands us.
Marcia is great at placing our lawyers in the media. She has numerous media contacts and if she does not know the right one she finds them. She has been instrumental on coverage for some of our law firm client stories, as well as securing what we consider "expert commentary" for our lawyers in business stories making headlines. She ensured numerous media placements top tier business publications in a client representation we handled before U.S. Supreme Court. For expert commentary, she has placed our lawyers as experts on the Martha Stewart case, eBay, Enron and Blackberry, among others. She has placed stories for us in various publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, CFO, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Additionally she has secured significant profile pieces on our firm and its management in various publications.
Maryanne Adams Media & Communications Manager Practice Development Department
McDermott Will & Emery LLP

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